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Arrivals and Departures

Click on links for more details about the ships. In time, I will post the names of the men who voyaged on each of these journeys.
See also Officers’ Arrivals and Departures.

Arrived from England on 1st June 1850
One officer Royal Engineers and five 20th Company, Royal Sappers & Miners

Anna Robertson
Arrived from England on 18th December 1851
Two RE officers and sixty-five RSM

Arrived from England on 30th January 1852
One RE officer and thirty RSM

Departed Fremantle 5th March 1855
Two sergeants and two rank and file RSM

In 1856 the Corps of Royal Engineers and Corps of Sappers & Miners merged into one Corps of Royal Engineers

Departed Fremantle 25th February 1856
Two officers, one sergeant and eighteen rank and file 20th Company, Royal Engineers

Departed Fremantle 2nd March 1857
Four rank and file RE

Arrived from England on 1st January 1858
Three officers and twenty-seven rank and file RE

Departed Fremantle 2nd February 1858
Eight rank and file RE

Departed Fremantle 4th February 1858
One officer RE

Robert Morrison
Departed Fremantle 4th October 1859
One officer and six rank and file RE

Lord Raglan
Departed Fremantle 26th January 1860
Two sergeants and thirteen rank and file RE

Arrived from Sydney on 4th October 1861
One sergeant and one corporal RE

Departed Fremantle 3rd January 1861
Two soldiers

Departed Fremantle 27th April 1862
Thirty-six RE in Western Australia at this date including those to be transferred to other companies
EXCLUDING two officers (Henderson and Grain),  thirty rank and file who discharged in Western Australia (29) or other States (1).