Name/Alias Thomas MILLER 
Birth date and place c. 1824 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland.
Baptism date and place
Civil Census Residences Royal Sappers & Miners Barracks, Woolwich Arsenal, Kent (1851).
See Musters below (1851, 1861).
Trade Mason.
Physical Description Height: 5 ft. 7½ ins. Complexion: dark. Eyes: dark. Hair: dark brown.
Marriage date and place Single as at 1856.
Death date and place
Burial date and place
Will and Probate
Death Notices
Corps and Company Royal Engineers 20th Company (formerly Royal Sappers & Miners).
Service No. and Rank #2466 Private.
Attestation date and place 3 Jul 1844 Glasgow, Lanark.
Service/Campaigns Western Australia 4 years 6 months.
Bombay 2 years 5 months. Present at taking of Rowa, Seige of Awah, Capture of Kotah.
Mauritius 3 years.
Cape of Good Hope 3 years 1 month.
Musters WO11-126 Detachment, Woolwich (1851).
WO11-130 (1851) to WO11-146 (1856) Western Australia.
WO11-190, 11th Company, Mauritius (1861).
Promotions None.
Medals, Clasps and Badges Indian Mutiny clasp Central India.
Two Good Conduct Badges.
Casualty/Medical Chronic bronchitis.
Attributes origin of cough to exposure during the monsoon in India in 187. Is gradually wasting away. The first stages of pulmonary consumption having already manifested themselves. Is able to do very little for himself. Has been somewhat intemperate but the disability does not appear to have been caused by vice.
Medically unfit for further service.
Regimental Courts Martial Deserted at Hull on 26 Aug 1844 en route to Head Quarters for final approval.
Apprehended and brought back to Woolwich 8 Dec 1849. Pardoned and permitted to return to his duty per Master General’s orders of 20 Dec 1849. Released 9 Dec 1849.
Imprisoned by Detachment Court Martial 16 Oct to 23 Nov 1852.
Twenty three times entered in the Regimental Defaulters Book.
Discharge date and place 14 Aug 1866 Chatham.
Length of Service 16 years 264 days.
Chelsea Pension Reference WO97-1362-194.
Post Discharge Residence Glen Mall(?), Strarran(?), Scotland.
Pension 8d. per diem.
Ship Anna Robertson. 
Departure and Arrival dates Dep. Woolwich 10 Sep 1851. Arr. Fremantle 18 Dec 1851.
Occupations post-arrival in WA Instructing Warder. 
Land Acquisition None in Western Australia.
Ship ex-WA Esmeralda.  See Crimean War Connection.
Departure date and destination Dep. Fremantle 25 Feb 1856, via Cape of Good Hope and St Helena to London.