Bower, Lawrence

Timeline for LAWRENCE BOWER, Private #2048, 20th Company, Royal Sappers & Miners

BOWER St Nicholas of Myra [Marilyn Peddle, My Dorset]
St Nicholas of Myra Church, Worth Matravers
1829: 5 April, baptised St Nicholas of Myra Church, Worth Matravers, Dorset. Father: Richard, Quarrier; Mother: Ann (1).
1841: Living at Langton (Matravers), Dorset (2).
1848: c. July enlisted Royal Sappers and Miners (3).
1851: Quartered at the royal palace Kensington or the cavalry barracks Kensington with other soldiers of the Royal Sappers and Miners where his name is recorded as ‘Lawance’ Bowers (4).
1851: Participated in the Great Exhibition at Crystal Palace for which he was awarded a medal and present.
1851: 18 December arrived Fremantle on Anna Robertson 20th Company RSM. Bower’s trade recorded as ‘mason’ (5).
1853: 18 May Fremantle, married Catherine De Werdinsky (var. De Wordinsky, Wredinckey). Age 19 (6).
1855: Birth of child Henry Adolphus (7).
1857: 11 August, birth of child Walter. Registration indexed as Walter BONNER. Erickson states 1867 (8, 9).
1861: 30 September or December, Perth. Army discharge date discrepancy on Pay List (10).
1861: 7 August appointed Assistant Warder, Convict Establishment (11).
1862-1866: Duties at Champion Bay and Greenough Flats (11).
1866: 28 December resigned from position (11).
1867: 28 December reappointed as Assistant Warder after recommendation by Resident Magistrate (Champion Bay?) (11).
1867-1875: Duties included road parties, escorting prisoners, jetty works (11).
1875: 1 September retired on pension £17 3s 4d. (11).
1875: 10 October 1875 payment of pension in Sydney approved (11).
1884: 23 August died Glebe District, New South Wales. Death certificate citation: Born in England 25 yrs in Aust, 7 years in NSW. Married Catherine Werdinsky. 2 Male children living. Informant daughter-in-law Beatrice Bower on 30/9/1884 at Glebe. Cause of Death Phthisis after 2 months illness Medical Attendant – Dr Harrison. Buried 24/8/1884 at Balmain (12).

Testimonial on retirement:
I have much pleasure in bearing to his work as a warder …. to his practical knowledge as a working mason. The approach to the new jetty is a proof of the attention he has paid to his duties. He is equally able to maintain a large party of men as a disciplinarian or to direct that labour as a mechanic (11).

No War Office series 97 Chelsea Pension documents were issued for Lawrence Bower thus these other sources were accessed:

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