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Cleaning Lady

Website Content
The content of this website is a work in progress. The ‘work’ includes the research of around 140 soldiers. Data has been sourced predominantly from online indices and images where available. Copies of baptism/birth, marriage, death/burial entries or certificates have not been purchased for individuals – this being economically untenable. All the content has been researched and written by the website author/administrator Diane Oldman unless otherwise stated.

Throughout the website you can click on an image to see it in a new window. In the case of documents, it will usually enlarge the image. To return to the webpage, use the back arrow on your browser.

The majority of the images on the website are out of copyright or are from Wikipedia Commons; and where they are not, the source has been identified if possible.

Hyperlinks to internal pages and external websites are in red font.


Website Updates
Dates and topics for additions and changes to the website are on the drop-down menu from the Home Page main menu. An alert and link to these updates is also on the News & Notices sidebar on the Home Page.


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